“Sustainability is a challenge to our existing notions of freedom: it is about a certain kind of choice architecture; it is about acknowledging limits; it is about accepting responsibility for longer term and wider afield consequences; it is about accepting interdependence rather than autonomy.” (Tonkinwise, 2015)


Design Research

My PhD research was in the field of Philosophy of Design. I explored what do we mean by "sustainable design" and what is represented by the notion of "sustainability". In design theory, there was no definition by which we may discern design as "sustainable". As the result of my research, I offered such a definition proposing that design may be discerned as "sustainable" to the extent it resolves side-effects of the design.

To continue my research on the subject of sustainability, I am researching for a book further exploring the links between designing things and sustainability.

Research topics:

Philosophy of Design, Ethics and Values; Design Theory, Epistemology; Sustainability and Sustainable Design.


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